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Battery Cell Large Gap

The handling of film substrates imposes high demands on current handling systems. The assembly of battery cells is an impressive example for such an application. One cell is made of many single layers of foils which are quite flexible and surface-sensitive. Mechanical contact between the cathodic and anodic films is not allowed.


ZS-Handling GmbH provides a non-contact linear transfer-system using the unique Ultrasonic Suspension Technology for such applications. The concept of this system is well-proven in many ZS-Handling machines which are used in the solar indurstry for instance. A careful treatment of the stiff solar cells result in very low breakage rates.


However, films are different to solar cells: they are not stiff.


Therfore a robust industrial solution providing non-contact handling can only be achieved by increasing the distance between the sonotrode (ultrasound-generator) and the film.


A new sonotrode technology allows air gap widths of 1 mm and above - in back-side handling as well as in top-side operation. In case of the battery cell production it is now possible to transport cathodic and anodic foils on one conveyor line without particle transfer.


Of course Ultrasonic Suspension Technology can als be implemented in handling of foils and paper (e.g. in printed electronics manufacturing, packaging).

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