zs-handling Medizintechnk: Berührungslose Handhabung von Intraokularlinsen

OptoMicroMedGreifer ISO_6

Contactless handling of intraocular lenses

With the OptoMicroMedGripper ISO_6 it is possible to grip and deposit intraocular lenses without contact.


No scratches on the lens body

The lens is made by the combination of ultrasound and negative pressure with a specially designed sonotrode tip is kept contact-free.

This prevents micro-scratches and contamination.


Features of the OptoMicroMedGripper ISO_6:

  • Suitable for different dioptres
  • Customizable according to customer specifications
  • Compatible with all robot systems
  • Suitable for clean rooms
Mit dem OptoMicroMedGreifer ISO_6 ist es möglich, Intraokularlinsen berührungslos zu greifen und abzulegen

Further information

OptoMicroMed-Gripper ISO 6

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