Handhabungssystem mit Ultraschalllager zs-handling regensburg

Our handling systems use the ultrasonic suspension technology to apply the handling forces to the workpiece and can be used in all atmospheric processes.

Vibration generators with separate power electronics generate a compressed air film with repulsive forces. Process combinations enable the generation of attracting forces.

Innovative Technology:

Ultrasonic Suspension Technology

sonotrode quadratisch ultraschalllager zs-handling
sonotrode kreis ultraschalllager zs-handling
sonotrode bogen ultraschalllager zs-handling
sonotrode lang ultraschalllager zs-handling

The surrounding air or process gas is compressed by the ultrasound. This allows components to be lifted and guided along defined paths without contact. In combination with negative pressure, workpieces can also be gripped on the upper side - without touching them.

The ultrasonic suspension technology requires less energy than other non-contact handling technologies.

The Advantages of our Technology

  • Smooth gripper surfaces without nozzle openings, therefore very easy to clean and maintain.
  • Reduced cleaning intervals, thus less downtime, higher productivity and lower costs.
  • Savings in cleaning equipment, i.e. lower investment, lower operating costs.
  • No compressed air generation with complex and cost-intensive air conditioning required, thus lower investment, lower operating costs (factor 3-10).
  • This results in significantly reduced energy consumption.
  • Ultrasonic system practically maintenance-free, readout and correction of operating parameters possible during operation.
  • Can be operated with any ambient gas, e.g. inert gas.
  • Significantly lower risk of particle release, thus significantly reduced risk of contamination of workpieces and clean room environment.
  • No blowing out of air and thus no risk of turbulence of particles deposited in the environment, thus significantly reduced contamination risk.
  • No carry-over of impurities, thus significantly reduced risk of contamination.
  • No introduction of mechanical stresses into workpieces, thus reducing the risk of workpiece damage.
  • Handling of formless and sensitive components and workpieces, thus reducing the risk of workpiece damage and increasing efficiency.
  • Low operating costs due to elimination of operating media.
  • Comparatively low life cycle costs (Total-Costs-of-Ownership [TCO]).
  • Application-dependent throughputs up to three times higher.
  • Reduced footprint and thus space consumption in the production environment.

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